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The section of T24 OPERATIONS is as much important as the rest of the T24 Modules. During the COB/EOD -which is the most critical part of OPERATIONS- many activities are taking place.  The operator has to be focused and to monitoring the output of the COMO file as is vital to identify on time a possible locking of the a JOB LIST so as to report it to CSHD of Temenos.

Detailed Content

COB Monitoring

For the monitoring of the COB there are some important tools.

  • T24 desktop command ENQ AGENT.STATUS which shows the number of the agents running the COB and the relevant job that each agent runs.
  • COB.MONITOR. This command given via mainline routine could provide a general overview of the % progress of the COB.
  • nmon -s1 command given via jshell provides also an overview of the CPU and common bin usage.
  • TOPAS again via jshell provides the most active Process ID and system I/O CPU usage and some more useful info about the current status of the system.


Re-launching of a BATCH (COB) process after a crash

After a job crash, selection lists may be still filled with keys. You have then to clear theses files, for EACH COMPANY:


Note that 4 is just an example here, it depends on the number of telnet sessions opened during the COB. (Cf field #32 BATCH.SESSIONS from SPF). If you get the following message: “BATCH.JOB.CONTROL -> Aborting” There’s a record ERROR in F.BATCH.STATUS to delete. When it is possible, you can re-run a job which has crashed. If the job is not re-runnable (as T24 tells it you) but you think it can be re-run anyway: Change the property of the job in PGM.FILE in the field 3 ADDITIONAL.INFO to set R (stands for re-runable batch job). Note that you must be 100% sure that this won’t corrupt your COB, for instance there’s not any dependencies with other jobs.


Check a user activity on T24 under Unix

  • Check the Unix process ID (pid) in the UV column for the enquired user/activity.

Under Jbase: BKS (shell T24):

WHERE (V <pid>

The Command column contains full details.

  • Check details about a phantom process

You can create a paragraph in your voc with:


  0001 PQN
  0002 IF # %2 MV #1 "ps -eaf|grep -E -i 'PHANTOM|catalog|xrlistener|jbase_agent'"
  0003 IF %2 MV #1 "ps -eaf|grep -E -i 'PHANTOM|catalog|xrlistener|jbase_agent'|grep -i '"%2"'"
  0004 PU

Example: CHECK.PHANTOM SWIFT will show you all instances of phantom’s names containing SWIFT under your server.


  In which library has been compiled a program

ED VOC <prog_name>  or  jshow -c <prog_name>


Show current locks

show-item-locks or jrla -d V or LIST.READU


Create a standard file under Jbase

create.file FILENAME TYPE=UD


Search in an archived  F.JOURNAL under Jbase


with LIST.JS is an entry in the VOC declared like this (depending on your history files directory)

  0001 PQN
  0002 IF # %2 XArgument missing. Usage: LIST.JS YYYYMMDD or list.js YYYYMMDD
  0003 MV #1 "LIST ../bnk.arc/F.JOURNAL.SAVE/"*%2*" USING DICT F.JOURNAL " %3,*
  0004 P

Resize a table

  • Let Jbase analysing a table automatically:


  • Let Jbase applying its analyse:


  • Force a resize with a different modulo/separator (m) (2 notions were distinct under Universe, now same under Jbase):



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