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INPUT OF UNBALANCED DATA CAPTURE INPUT OF UNBALANCED DATA CAPTURE Sometimes, because Globus always try to balance any unbalanced entries, we need to input some entries on one side only (DR or CR) for some adjustments. Purpose : use Data Capture to input an entry with one correct leg (the desired CR or DR impact), […]

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BALANCE MISMATCH   BALANCE MISMATCH A balance mismatch consists in a detection by the system of some differences in the amounts recorded on the contracts and on the consolidation buckets, e.g. between RE.CONSOL.XX (where XX is the name of the contract application) and CONSOLIDATE.ASST.LIAB. There are two ways to check existence of balance mismatches : […]

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Core Accounting

CORE ACCOUNTING Main table: CONSOLIDATE.COND Audit Track CORE ACCOUNTING MAIN TABLE: CONSOLIDATE.COND The financial reporting in GLOBUS will use, whenever possible, a single base as source for report generation. This base is called the CENTRAL.REPORTING FILE ‘(CRF)’. Account balances, principal outstanding amounts in product files and any related amount fields such as interest reserves, accrued […]

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