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Charges and Commissions on SEC.TRADE

Accounting Setup fields available   Field No Field Name Post to Post ccy Category defined on Source Broker 87 BR.BROKER.COMM PL Trade CUSTOMER.SECURITY CUSTOMER.SECURITY 88 BR.FOREIGN.FEE PL Trade 89 CL.COMMISSION PL Trade 90 BR.STAMP.TAX Acc Local SC.STD.SEC.TRADE 91 BR.EBV.FEES PL Trade STOCK.EXCHANGE 92 BR.FEES.MISC PL Trade Customer 32 CU.BROKER.COMM PL Trade CUSTOMER.SECURITY SUBROUTINE 33 CU.FOREIGN.FEE […]

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Interest Day Basis

Main regulatory organizations: ICMA(2005):  International Capital Market Association. Merger of ISMA(1991, ex-AIBD) and IPMA) ISDA(1985):  International Swaps and Derivatives Association SIFMA(2006): Securities Industry and Financial Management Association. Merger of The Securities Industry Association (SIA) and The Bond Market Association (TBMA or BMA). Interest basis codes one can choose in T24: A    360/360 = “Bond basis” […]

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Securities Concat Files

List of Securities Concat Files Starting with a client code from CUSTOMER.SECURITY, we have all portfolios declared in SEC.ACC.MASTER. All portfolios attached to a customer are in concat SEC.ACC.CUST. All securities position are stored in SECURITY.POSITION, list of keys in concat POS.CON.SCAC. Customer holdings valuated are stored in SC.POS.ASSET, list of keys in concat SC.VAL.POSITIONS. […]

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