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Fiduciary Loans Application

The banking utilization of Fiduciary Loans consists into providing a loan facility to a bank’s customer through a client lender where the Bank acts as an intermediary only. This practice has its economical justification to avoid both lender and borrower to pay taxes due on normal deposits/loans made through the assets/liabilities accounts or for treasury […]

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Fiduciary deposit: Add an extra pooling criteria

In order to be able to group the fiduciary order according a preferential interest rate, we could do the following : 1) Create a local reference, by linking the vetting table to a field of the customer file for automatic selection, as follows : BNK LOCAL.TABLE SEE TABLE.NO………. 200 ———————————————————————– 1. 1 GB DESCRIPTION. FID.INT.GROUP […]

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Fiduciary – Module Set-up

This document describes different tables used to setup the Fiduciaires within T24/Globus. Commissions Calculations   Conditions applicable for commissions, fees, etc…   CONDITION.PRIORITY Definition of criterion to group clients for wich « profiles » of  commission conditions, fees, etc… may be applicable for fiduciaries.   FD.GEN.CONDITION Declaration of the various groups identified . Groups are based on […]

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Fiduciary Deposits – Module description

Fiduciary Application This application is used by dealers to place fiduciary deposits made by customers with other banks. The placement contract is generated automatically from the FD.FID.ORDERS made by customers, the dealer must decide which bank the funds are to be placed with and the interest rate applicable. Fiduciary Orders are automatically pooled by the […]

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